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Nari Blair-Mangat as Othello
James Alexandrou as Iago
Annabel Bates as Desdemona
Boris Mitkov as Cassio
Emily Jane Kerr as Emilia
Adam Blampied as Roderigo
Jim Conway as Brabantio
James Law as the Duke of Venice
Helena Doughty as Bianca
John McClear as Lodovico
OTHELLO cast shots

Credit: Boris Mitkov
John McLear
James Alexandrou
Helena Doughty and James Law
Annabel Bates and James Alexandrou
Nari Blair-Mangat
James Alexandrou and Nari Blair-Mangat
Nari Blair-Mangat, Christien Bart-Gittens, Boris Mitkov, James Alexandrou and Jim Conway
Helena Doughty
Emily Jane Kerr
Adam Blampied and James Alexandrou
John McLear and Annabel Bates
Nari Blair-Mangat
Annabel Bates (Desdemona) and Nari Blair-Mangat (Othello)
Emily Jane Kerr (Emilia) and James Alexandrou (Iago)
Nari Blair-Mangat (Othello) and James Alexandrou (Iago)
Nari Blair-Mangat (Othello)
Annabel Bates (Desdemona), James Law (Priest), Nari Blair-Mangat (Othello)
Adam Blampied (Roderigo) and James Alexandrou (Iago)
OTHELLO Rehearsal & Production Shots
March 2014

Rehearsal credit: Boris Mitkov
Production credit: Oliver Towse
Loren O'Brien and Boris Mitkov
Nicola Fox and Loren O'Brien
Loren O'Brien and Boris Mitkov
Annabel Bates & Nari Blair-Mangat
James Law, James Alexandrou and Jim Conway
James Alexandrou and Boris Mitkov
Helena Doughty and Siobhan Daly
Siobhan Daly, Jim Conway and Nari Blair-Mangat
Rehearsal & Production Shots
June - July 2012

Credit: Boris Mitkov & Paul Seaby
OTHELLO Press Night
April 2014

Credit: Boris Mitkov & Siobhan Daly

Production & Rehearsal Shots
December 2012 - January 2013

Credit: Boris Mitkov

TWELFTH NIGHT Rehearsal Shots
March 2016

Credit: Boris Mitkov
Emily Jane Kerr
Tamaryn Payne
Benjamin Bonar
Richard Soames
Tamaryn Payne and Chris Thomson
Ellie Nunn and Louis Labovitch
Kit Loyd
Darrell Davy
Tom Barnes and the company
Rhodora Taft and Siobhán Daly
Chris Thomson
Ellie Nunn
Jim Conway
TWELFTH NIGHT Production Shots
April 2016

credit: Boris Mitkov
Simon Russell Beale
The Grassroots Shakespeare London team with Simon Russell Beale. L-R: Emily Jane Kerr, Jim Conway, Kit Loyd, Simon Russell Beale, Oliver Towse, Chris Thomson, Chris Thomson, Boris Mitkov and Siobhán Daly.
The First Folio's Twelfth Night.
The team with the First Folio. L-R: Oliver Towse, Jim Conway, Emily Jane Kerr, Siobhán Daly, Kit Loyd and Chris Thomson.
Jim Conway with the First Folio's Hamlet.
The team with the First Folio.
The First Folio's contents page.
The First Folio
Guildhall's Great Hall
Shakespeare 400 celebrations with Simon Russell Beale & First Folio private view

credit: Boris Mitkov