​"Grassroots Shakespeare Company is a young, talented group of actors dedicated to reshaping people’s attitudes to Shakespeare...The brilliance of the production largely depended on the balance of the traditional and the innovative. The script is left untouched; the cast obviously love and understand the language. Every syllable was delivered to us with clarity and meaning.... As an example of Shakespearian theatre The Tempest was exceptional, as an example of Bar Theatre it was a triumph. To take such a small venue, such a minimal set and such a young cast, and to produce a performance of such power and originality shows extraordinary talent and vision. I look forward to seeing many more Grassroots productions in the future." Genni Trickett, London Theatre 

Love is in the air in Athens but things are definitely not running to plan. Star-crossed lovers are running away, jealous wooers are in hot pursuit, bumbling actors are trying to rehearse and they haven’t even come across the domestic war raging in Fairyland! If they thought things were bad, they’re about to get messier with magic! 

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!
Not all is well at sea. The treacherous King of Naples and Duke of Milan are about to find out just what cost they must pay for meddling with a magician. 

Young love, mischievous spirits, spells, storms, shipwrecks, goodies and baddies fill the stage with some of Shakespeare’s most exciting work. 

Featuring the famous speech “Be not be afeard, the isle is full of noises” recently performed by Kenneth Branagh during the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, this classic play is fun for all the family.
Demetrius - Christian Kinde
Egeus/ Robin Starveling (Moonshine)/ Mustardseed - Tom Ziebell
Francis Flute (Thisbe)/ Peaseblossom - Stewart Heffernan
Helena - Adam Blampied
Hermia - Daisy Ward
Lysander - Kane Surry
Nick Bottom (Pyramus) - Matthew Walker
Peter Quince - Benjamin Bonar
Philostrate/ Puck - Emily Jane Kerr
Snug (Lion)/ Moth - Theo Affail
Theseus/ Oberon - Max Wilson
Titania/ Hippolyta - Siobhan Daly
Tom Snout (Wall)/ Cobweb - David England

Alonso - Tom Ziebell
Antonio - Kane Surry
Ariel - Adam Blampied
Boatswain/ Iris - Stewart Heffernan
Ensemble - Theo Affail
Caliban - Max Wilson
Ferdinand - Christian Kinde
Gonzalo - David England
Miranda - Daisy Ward
Prospero - Matthew Walker
Sebastian/ Ceres - Siobhan Daly
Stephano/ Juno - Emily Jane Kerr
Trinculo - Benjamin Bonar

Assistant Stage Manager - Christian Bart-Gittens
Fight Director - Tom Ziebell
Lighting Design - Ciaran Cunningham
Movement Director - Bennet Gartside
Programme Design - Rhodora Taft
Rehearsal Assistant - Boris Mitkov
Stage Manager - Sylvia Darkwa-Ohemeng

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"One of the most often performed and well known of Shakespeare's plays is given a surprisingly fresh and fantastic new twist by Grassroots Shakespeare London, a company that pride themselves on keeping The Bard alive. An incredible evening spent watching one of the most humorous performances of a modernised version of A Midsummer Night's Dream...Hilarious, intimate and full of fresh talent; this company is definitely one to watch." 
A Midsummer Night's Dream - WhatsPeenSeen
"Fresh and enjoyable...highly competent and intelligent production...The best thing about this production however, was the clarity and intelligence in the way the cast delivered the lines. It was always easy to follow the story, they stayed true to Shakespeare's text, but cut it effectively, and it is seldom that the poetry comes through in such an intelligible way...This is a busy time of year but if you can find time to go along to the Lion and the Unicorn for a couple of hours you will be well rewarded." 
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Remote Goat
You can take a look at our rehearsal and production photography here  
"The company gets to the heart of Shakespeare with ease beyond its young age. Its combination of traditional practices, modern references, and stellar performances is of the kind that rekindles your taste for the Bard....This production of The Tempest is an absolute joy. When many still struggle to grasp Shakespeare’s oeuvre, either sacralising or oversimplifying it, Grassroots Shakespeare London hits the nail right on the head." 
The Tempest - WhatsPeenSeen
"I have seen quite a bit of Shakespeare on the fringe lately and this show is by far my favourite. In fact, this is a production which succeeds where many others have failed in the sense that the complexity and sheer volume of Shakespearean text which a performer must learn during rehearsals can drain the scenes of natural delivery, particularly in the first week of a run. This production is packed full of realistic, three dimensional characters who have complex, fully-formed relationships with each other and the heavy dialogue never seems to get in the way of this. The high-energy and big laughs are resting upon a calm, quiet confidence which can only come from performers who know exactly what they are doing and are very happy with the ground-work they have done. This show is an absolute joy and if you have children of panto-going age and up, bring them along too. They will love it. Bravo." 
The Tempest - Everything Theatre
"This an excellent production that put many bigger budget productions to shame, not least Julie Taynor's film version (which starred Helen Mirren and Russell Brand). More importantly, it gives one a renewed appreciation of one of Shakespeare's lesser known plays." 
The Tempest - Remote Goat 

 "An incredibly approachable, tasteful, and uproarious Shakespeare production. It's quite rare to find a Shakespearean production which mediates a tangible conversation between a Shakespearean text and a modern audience. For that reason, be sure not to miss the Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre. It is exactly the kind of production I'm talking about! Both original and true to the original, this production engages both the audience and the text with skill and a serious sense of fun."
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Everything Theatre